Discover Amsterdam with your dog

Discover Amsterdam with your dog

Vary Amsterdam: Blogger Nina Radman from explores Amsterdam together with her four-legged companion Tobi. In a personal travel guide for she shares her favourite places and tips to experience the perfect stay with a dog in the Dutch capital.

Good food, the canals, many cool second-hand shops and the best apple pie in the world – Amsterdam is one of my absolute favourite cities and in about 1 hour 40 minutes from Vienna you are very quickly in this beautiful metropolis. I was in Amsterdam for the sixth time, only this time it was somehow a very special visit, because my little dog Tobi could accompany me. I’m always happy when I can return to this great city, but it’s even nicer when my little four-legged friend accompanies me and makes Amsterdam unsafe with me.

The journey – from Vienna with LEVEL to Amsterdam

Travelling with a dog requires some preparation, but it pays off in any case and the flight with LEVEL was not only completely uncomplicated, but also very relaxed for me and my dog Tobi. Since Tobi has flown several times before, I was already a bit tested – a short control visit to thhttp://www.flylevel.come vet, once quickly on the scales and the fly ash fetched from the attic. Tobi is a small Jack Russell with only 7 kilos and is therefore approved for the cabin. The animal must be announced before simply only and already nothing more stands in the way of a common vacation.  All information to weight and size you can find on the homepage of LEVEL.

So that Tobi survives the time at the airport and also the flight problem-free and without misfortunes we went in the morning still a big round. Arriving at the airport we went straight to the LEVEL counter where we not only left our suitcases, but also Tobi and us checked in. We took a look at Tobi’s Europapass (the vaccination pass), gave strokes and then we went on to the security check. If you travel with a dog, you will be asked, after you have passed the security check yourself, to a quiet area, where the four-legged friend is also lured through the check with a treat. The whole thing usually does not last really longer and is also no stress for the dog. Until boarding Tobi was allowed to walk with us at the airport, before he had to get into his pocket when boarding the plane. The bag is placed between the legs and should remain closed during the flight. If you put it down lengthwise, both the dog and you still have enough space. Tobi is usually so busy greeting everyone at the airport that he immediately sleeps in the plane. Also this time he played briefly with his ball and then actually slept through the whole flight. The flight with LEVEL was very relaxed both for us and for Tobi. Yes and so the adventure Amsterdam could start immediately and I was very curious how dog friendly this city will be.

Day 1 (Arrival at 15:30)

From the airport we went straight with the Uber into the city, which turned out to be not so easy at the beginning, because most drivers cancelled the trip immediately when they saw the note with the dog. But at the 4th attempt it worked and in 30 minutes we were already in the city centre, where our hotel was located. The Boutique Hotel View is an incredibly sweet hotel. The rooms are very small, but the friendly employees and the location were not to beat. Since we were greeted with sunshine, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a ride on our bikes through the city. But first we had to play ball with Tobi in the Vondelpark. A really beautiful big park in which dogs are welcome and Tobi obviously felt comfortable there. Then we went on to the bike rental where we rented a cargo bike and a normal city bike and explored the area a bit. As a reward and greeting we went straight to Winkel43, a café where you just have to go when you are in Amsterdam, because there is the best apple pie in the world.

So the last rays of sunshine were enjoyed with a fresh mint tea and a piece of cake. What I particularly like about this city is that people always sit outside, no matter how cold it is. Then we went across the city again and for dinner we went to the Vegan Junk Food Bar, where we had a delicious burger.

In the meantime Tobi was entertained by our very friendly waiter and I think he obviously felt comfortable after only a few hours in Amsterdam.

Day 2

Well rested we went on the search for a suitable breakfast location and since the weather god was on our side and it did not rain, we decided to go on foot. Our growling belly led us to Pluk, a really nice breakfast place incl. pop-up store in the centre of Amsterdam. Especially to recommend are the many cakes and also the beetroot bread.

Strengthened we went on towards Anne Frank House, where we decided to make a canal trip. We decided for the provider Flagship, because these are small boats with bar and they did not have the typical Touri flair. Tobi was also very welcome. With his ball in his mouth, he entered the boat and discovered Amsterdam with us from the boat. The crew on board told us many exciting things about the city and when Tobi lost his ball in the canals, they tried everything to find him again. A really nice boat trip that I can only recommend to everyone. Normally the boats are also not roofed, which is super nice. With us it began unfortunately something to rain, why we had to close the side parts. Nevertheless we enjoyed the trip very much.

Afterwards we went on to the Nine Straatjes, where you can find many small cool stores and vintage shops. Amsterdam is the shopping paradise par excellence and those who rely on second hand fashion will definitely find what they are looking for here. After our shopping tour and a short break in the hotel we went out again for a little walk. But this time we were armed with rain jackets. After a walk through the neighbourhood, we enjoyed a snack in Café George and ended the evening with a glass of wine.

Day 3

Of course we started our third and last day in Amsterdam with a breakfast and we went to the brunch restaurant Staring at Jacobs. Since the rain had subsided again, we decided to walk again and to drop by the Rijksmuseum before. Since I had already seen it during my last visit and Tobi is not allowed in museums, we enjoyed the view from outside before we went on to our actual destination, breakfast.

The Staring at Jacobs is a really cozy, sweet brunch place, with a small, clear map and incredibly friendly staff. Also here Tobi had a water bowl within seconds and got his strokes. We decided for the vegan and vegetarian brunch – both really recommendable. Afterwards we went across the city to the harbour. We were certainly 2 to 3 hours, with a stop in the dog shop to buy Tobi a new ball, on the way. Equipped with a delicious Juice from the Juice lab we took the free ferry to NDSM.  The Amsterdam shipyard, which is also used for events such as festivals, is really worth a visit. Here the creative people of the city meet and between all the graffiti you somehow have the feeling to be in another world. We strolled through the big halls of this old shipyard and examined the tricks of the artists working there. Finally we went to the Noorderlicht Café which is located directly at the water, where we warmed up with a hot mint tea and enjoyed the view to the city. We ended the evening with an original Amsterdam snack plate consisting of cheese and bitter bales before we took the ferry back to the city centre.

Day 4 Bye Bye Amsterdam

The next morning we had to say goodbye again and so we took a taxi to the airport, where LEVEL brought us back to Vienna with nice memories in our luggage. The days in Amsterdam were very nice again and Tobi enjoyed our little trip very much. A city which can be explored definitely also very well with the quadruped.


© Pictures & Text: Nina Radman/@berriesandpassion