Barcelona off the beaten path

Barcelona off the beaten path

Sunny Barcelona: Together with blogger Nina Radman from, we flew to the Catalan metropolis by the sea to share her sporting experiences and tips in a personal travel guide for

Meanwhile it was my third visit to the Catalonian capital and this time I wanted to explore Barcelona a little differently. Park Güell, the promenade La Rambla, the Picasso Museum or Sagrada Familia – all these things are very nice to look at and definitely worth a visit. But you can also find them in every travel guide. For this reason, today I have 8 very personal tips for a stay in Barcelona.

Arrival – very comfortable & fast with LEVEL to the sea

Level flies daily from Vienna to Barcelona and in just under 2.5 flight hours you reach the airport El Prat.

Since our program was not only about exploring the city, but also a bit of beach and water sports action, we were allowed to bring some sports equipment. The longboards and also the kitesurf equipment should not be missing on such a trip. The special luggage can be easily registered at the airport or via the call center and also the task was completely problem-free and uncomplicated.

The fastest and cheapest way to get from the airport to the city is by train. If you want to be comfortable, you can simply take one of the many taxis. Waiting time not even 2 minutes.

My 8 Tips for Barcelona

Eating tapas

When you are in Spain it’ s a classic and in my opinion good food is part of every nice holiday.

I’m a big fan of Spanish cuisine and there’s nothing better than to end a day in a cosy little tapas bar with lots of delicious food and a glass of tinto.

In the search for the best tapas bar, which is not that easy, as one finds the little sweet restaurants at every corner, we came across two insider tips.

Palosanto – this small cosy Tapas Bar is located directly at the La Rambla, but is relatively unimpressive from the outside. The restaurant was very well visited, but after only a few minutes we got a cosy table in the back corner. Very recommendable is the Octopus, Pan de Tomato and the Creme Catalan. By the way, one can also immortalize oneself here in small booklets that lie at the table and the most beautiful drawings are published on the wall.

Tapas Mirilla – Here we have landed by chance and have eminently well fed and enjoyed a nice evening in this rustic Tapas Bar. The croquettes were so good that we had to order another portion. In addition we had a glass of Tinto de Verano, because you should have tried it.

Explore the city on a Elektrovespa – If you don’t have so much time and still want to see so much, I can highly recommend the many Elektrovespa to you. Just register via the app, search for Vespa and you’re ready to go. You don’t have to take the subway and see more of the city. The Vespas are also relatively cheap and you get very quickly from A to B, when the feet of many exploring the city already hurt.

Visit a club or a concert

Barcelona is known for its many beach clubs. Therefore, one should in any case put an evening on the plaster. Instead of going to the beach club, we spontaneously went to the Palau Sant Jordi to a concert of Billie Eilish. Concerts or festivals in other cities are even more fun, so maybe just check the event calendar spontaneously when you are in Barcelona. Another tip is the Brunch in the Park, a cool outdoor event with good music.

Off to the sea – water sports

The beach of Barcelonetta is indeed very beautiful, but there is so much more to see around Barcelona. That’s why we rented a car and followed the wind further south and set up the kites. From the end of September, by the way, one can also kite directly and around Barcelona and if there is a swell, there is even a wave. So it’s best to pack up your equipment and spend a day in contrast to the city. We spent one day in Sant Carlos de La Rapita, a beautiful deserted beach. Perfect to come down, relax and do some sports.

Explore the neighborhood in running shoes

For all those who want to do sports during a city trip, I can only guess, pack the running shoes and explore the neighborhood. So not only have you done the sport right away, but you may also discover one or two cool shops or a nice restaurant. Very nice for running is the Gracia quarter.

Vintage Shopping in El Raval

The small trendy district that is located in the oldtown of Barcelona was very nice for me. Narrow alleys, many graffitis on the wall and some cool vintage stores. I’m a big fan of second hand fashion, because the parts tell history and mostly you can find some very special pieces in such shops.

  • Flamingos Vintage Kilo
  • M.O.T.E.L.
  • Club 80s
  • La Font
  • Holala!

Through Barcelonetta with the longboard

That was a lot of fun, I can tell you. Barcelona is even considered a skater city and it’s really a great place to cruise the streets on a longboard. I especially liked the triumphal arch and the promenade in Barcelonetta. Because here, there is a lot of space and it is a lot of fun to drive along the sea. By the way, we simply packed the board into the suitcase or into the sports luggage.

Walking Tour – El Born. El Raval, Gracia

In Barcelona there are some really nice quarters that really invite to stroll and stay. In a surf shop at the promenade we bought a small city guide with some cool walking tours to see a little bit more of the city. Of course you can also do guided tours, but I personally prefer to explore a city on my own. A little tip: you can also find some nice walking tours through El Raval, El Born, and Gracia on the internet.

© Pictures & Text: Nina Radman/@berriesandpassion